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Meet Lotus

A wearable ring to control 

objects at home by pointing.

How it Works

Step 1

Put on the ring.

Step 2

Snap on the switch cover.

Step 3

Point and click.

Two gunmetal grey Lotus Rings atop white marble blocks.



No need to rewire. Magnetically attach switch covers. Save 11 hours of work and 70% off typical cost.


No internet connection needed. Your data in your home. Fully offline and fully private. 


No limits on how you use it. Point and click. Gesture control. Voice control. Your choice, every time.

No internet.

No app.

No rewiring.

Like your TV remote, Lotus uses infrared technology, keeping your offline moments, offline. Unlike your TV remote, it remains conveniently at your fingertips.


No restrictions on where it works. Take with you to a new space, rented or owned. Even a hotel.


No new app to download. Replace smart speakers in every room with a single wearable ring. 


No loss of control in other spaces. Loved ones can use their Rings in your home, and you in theirs. 

Woman smiling with finger placed on side of face, showing Lotus Ring on her index finger.

Parents would benefit [from the Lotus Ring]. Deaf people. People with disabilities. The whole population. If the technology works, then it’s going to appeal to everyone.

Human Insights 

Meet Our Collaborators

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National Council on Independent Living Website
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Mind Assets Website
New York State Office for the Aging Website
Topeka Independent Living Resource Center Website
Disability Connection Midsouth Website
Paralyzed Veterans of America California Chapter
United Church Homes Website
Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco Website

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Two Lotus Rings sitting on neutral colors blocks against a grey background

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